Here at Kate's Cutting Patch we sources all of our flowers from the UK and grown and hand cut here. 


As our flowers are all from the UK we are very seasonal based. Here are some examples of the different varieties we of flowers, herbs and foliage that we are currently growing.

​Spring / Summer 

March - September

Tulips, Anemone, Ranunculus, Bluebells, Roses, Peonies, Lupin, Poppies, Lady's Mantle, Sweet Rocket, Sweet peas, Ammi Major, Anemone, Lupins, Corn Flowers, Delphinium, Nigella, 

Lineria, Ox eye Daises, Weigela,  
Sweet William, Valerian, Orange Geum, Verbina, Cosmos, Wild Carrot, Dahlias, Zinnias, Mallows, Coreopsis, Marigolds, Flax, Phlox, Saliva, Eryngium, Snap dragons and many more including foliage.    

Herbs: Mint, Lavender, Marjaram, Oregano, Dill and again many more!


October - February 

October and November does bring the end of our current cutting season. 


Through the Winter periods we offer Christmas Wreaths that can be collected or dropped off along with other other winter decorations.

During these months you can expect to see: Holly, Mitsletoe, Ivy, Skimmia, Euonymus and a lot of foliage

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